Uses and Benefits of Lemon Oil

Today, lemon oil is used in the perfumery, for aromatic purposes, culinary practices. Moreover, it relieves from mental exhaustion while improving one’s focus and cognition.

  • Skin Care: it advantages the skin by reducing acne, helps in nourishment if damaged skin and hydrates the skin with moisturizing content. Lemon Oil also helps in reducing the cell and tissue damage in the skin that is caused as a result of free radicals due to the presence of antioxidants and anti-aging effects. It is also effective in combating skin issues such as that of mosquito bites and the development of oily and greasy skin tone. It is an aspiring remedy for restoring the dull skin. Further, it revitalizes drooping and tired wear and tear skin, besides treating pimples.
  • Stress Reliever: It has a calming and soothing effect on its application. Thus, it assists in the removal of mental fatigue. It counters drowsiness, anxiety, frustration, exhaustion, and nervousness. Applying Lemon Oil can enhance a sense of optimism and eradicate negative feelings. It helps in increasing the levels of concentration and present-minded approach. That is why it is a common practice to use it as a room freshener in corporate spaces.

How to apply Lemon Oil?

  • A drop of Lemon Oil in your hands for you to inhale or diffuse in the room, in case of feeling anxiety.
  • For infusion of physical energy, add to your clothes. You can even mix it with the baking soda as a carpet deodorizer.
  • Dilute 4-6 drops in water for aromatherapy usage.

Note:  Refrain using this oil during your pregnancy. These kinds of essential oils can prove to be allergic to some people. In case of applying on the skin, remember to use essential oils in the carrier oils. Initiate by testing a drop of oil on your feet before leaving it for 15 minutes. In case of irritation, make sure you discontinue. If the symptoms continue to persist, consult your doctor. Excessive use of any essential can lead to sensitization of the skin. If any contact occurs, rinse it well with clean running water. Keep it out of eyes and ears, and out of the range of kids.



Lemon Oil

Quantity: 10 ml

Extracted from the peels of freshest Lemons, this essential oil has a citrusy fragrance that can instantly uplift your mood. Lemon Essential oil has the ability to reduce stress level and is a quick mood enhancer.


This item: Lemon Oil
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