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Glass Dropper Uses and Benefits

Handling essential oils can become the biggest problem sometimes. Our Glass dropper can work as the essential tool that you must have at your home. It helps you in transferring the liquid substance in the desired volume you need for blending and mixing oils for daily skincare use.

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You can also fix it as a cap for 10ml, 15ml, and 20ml bottles so you can choose the one suited to your needs and other preferences. The tight cap feature keeps the liquid protected inside and doesn’t allow moisture and air to go inside the bottle. Not only for oils, but you can also use this dropper for several other applications. This dropper can be preferably used when an accurate amount for a specific purpose is required and the liquid needs to be coming out drop by drop. This dropper resists overuse, and by using it overdose can be avoided. This glass made dropper is made from safe materials, provides hygiene when used and is easily recyclable.

Glass Dropper

Save your time and oil. It helps you control how much oil you add to a blend and makes daily use of the oils very
convenient. It fits 10 ml, 15 ml and 20 ml bottles.