Glass Amber Bottle Uses and Benefits

People who use essential and carrier oils face issues of storing them where the oils don’t lose their richness and nutrients. In-general, it’s really hard to keep the oily substance, so this is where our amber glass bottle can help you out.

Amber glass bottle is a convenient shaped and sized bottle. It can be used in blending, diluting and storing the essential oils. This glass bottle preserves your different oils, lotions, homemade remedies, and organic skincare products. It keeps their natural richness for a long time. You can also use this bottle to make the dilute solutions of your favorite essential and aromatherapy oils. This container bottle can play the best part in your regular beauty routine. At the same time, it will look good on your dressing table.

The provided dropper cap reduces and controls the flow of liquid. It helps you in getting your product in drop counts. It makes it convenient to use for your facial and other skin purposes. This quality Amber glass bottle also keeps your skin care product safe from hazardous UV rays which are essential to keep your product safe, fresh and healthy. Get this purposeful Amber glass bottle online in Pakistan from Go Natural.

Glass Amber Bottle

Quantity: 10ml (Set of 4)

A convenient shape and size for using, blending, and diluting essential oils.
– Perfect for storing your favorite essential oils and blends.
– Orifice reducer controls oil flow by drops.
– Amber glass protects contents from UV light.