Sensitive Skin

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Aloe Vera Gel

Quantity: 120 ml

Go Natural’s 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel gives you the cooling and moisturizing effect you need for your skin. For hair, it will strengthen the hair, leaving it healthy, shiny and manageable.

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Aloe Vera Oil

Quantity: 50ml

Aloe Vera is one of the most powerful and magical plant. It has been used since ages for health and beauty treatments. Aloe Vera moisturizes skin, reduces wrinkles, reduces tanning and makes skin clear. Aloe Vera oil also moisturizes scalp and conditions hair, reduces split ends, promotes regrowth, detangles, and boosts shine of hair. It literally contains so many natural benefits for skin and hair!

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Grape Seed Oil

Quantity: 30 ml bottle

A very effective moisturizer for acne-prone and sensitive skin. Grape seed oil is known for tightening skin, reducing wrinkles, treating acne and scars and moisturizing your skin. It can contribute to having a firmer, wrinkle-free and clear skin.

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Jojoba Oil

Quantity: 50 ml bottle

Perfect as a daily moisturizer for skin, hair and nails with proven results. Jojoba oil easily absorbs into skin and helps remove wrinkles, stretch marks, and makeup. It’s great as a lip balm and sunburn remedy.

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Rose Water

Quantity: 220 ml

Cleanses nourishes, and tones the skin, all in one step, leaving skin soothed, refreshed purified and protected. Our Rose Water is 100% pure, free from preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Made with freshly handpicked rose blossoms using steam distillation method. Comes in a handy spray bottle which makes it easier to use any time of day to keep your skin soft, fresh and supple.

Does not contain any preservatives, additives, or synthetic ingredients and is food grade.