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05 Hair Growth Serum

Quantity: 30ml

Consisting of 100% natural hair growth stimulating ingredients, Hair Growth Serum helps in nourishing the hair follicles, strengthening the roots, and promoting thicker and healthy hair growth.

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Beard Oil

Quantity: 30 ml bottle

Composed mainly of carrier and essential oils, Go Natural’s Beard Oil acts as the natural oils produced by skin to keep the beard soft, shiny and smooth as well as helping in hair growth in bald patches.

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Hair Treatment Oil

Quantity: 120 ml

Herbal hair treatment oil by Go Natural Pakistan is made with 100% natural ingredients and natural essential oils. It helps restore scalps and balance moisture. Bringing your hair back to life, it tames frizz and fights split ends which eventually reveals luscious strands every day. A mix that doesn’t only improve how your hair looks but adds texture and health to the dead strands. From improving dry scalp and hair loss issues to adding shine and protecting against damage, Hair Treatment Oil offers a green way to care for your hair.

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Onion Shampoo

Quantity: 220ml bottle

Our Onion Shampoo is great for overall hair health as it increases volume and texture while strengthening hair fibers and preventing breakage. Refreshes, nourishes and protects so your hair feels healthier and shinier.

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Onion Water (for hair)

Quantity: 50 ml

Promotes stronger hair
Stimulates collagen production
Improves blood circulation on scalp
Minimises hair thinning and hair breakage

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Rosemary Water

Quantity: 120 ml

Rosemary water is gentle, effective and incredibly good for your hair. It helps to control hair loss and stimulate hair growth with every use. Use rosemary water for hair growth and to lessen the extent of hair loss, whether it is due to the effects of ageing or as a result of an over-reliance on chemical products.