Key Features:

Supports Hair Health: Garlic oil is thought to support hair regrowth and may contribute to improved hair texture.

Treats Dandruff and Itchiness: The oil is believed to have properties that may assist in treating dandruff and scalp itchiness.

Encourages Healthier Hair Growth: Regular use of garlic oil is suggested to be effective in promoting healthier hair growth, potentially preventing hair thinning.

Usage Tips:

Gently massage the garlic oil into the scalp and ends of your hair.

Allow the oil to work for a minimum of 2 hours or leave it overnight for a more intense treatment.

Rinse with a mild shampoo.


For external use only. Perform a patch test by applying 1 drop on your feet and leaving it for 15 minutes before widespread use. Discontinue use if any skin irritation occurs. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist. Avoid contact with eyes and ears. Keep out of reach of children.

Garlic Oil

Quantity: 50 ml

Discover the potential benefits of garlic oil for your hair. This oil is believed to contribute to the well-being of your hair and scalp.


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