Lemon Oil

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Greasy hair? Oily skin? Having trouble sleeping? Lemon oil is what you need to boost your health and beauty the easy way and “go-natural” way!


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20 ml bottle.

Lemon oil benefits and Application

  • Treat nail fungus

By applying 1 drop of lemon oil to the infected nail once a day.

  • Treat oily skin

By mixing 10 drops of lemon oil with two ounces of jojoba oil and massage your skin.

  • Anxiety
    Place a drop in your hands to inhale, or diffuse through the room during times of anxiety.
  • Greasy/Oily Hair
    Add 1 drop to your shampoo, or massage 3 drops diluted in water onto the scalp and hair follicles each time you shower.
  • Physical Energy
    Lemon essential oil is very uplifting when used aromatically. Add it to the clothes as you dry them or adding it to baking soda as a carpet deodorizer as you vacuum.


Note: For external use only. Do not use in pregnancy. Essential oils can also be allergic to some people. It’s preferable to use essential oils in a carrier oils in case you want to use it on skin. Test 1 drop on feet and leave for 15 minutes. Discontinue use if any skin irritation occurs. If symptoms persist consult your doctor. Excessive use of any essential oil can lead to skin sensitization. Keep out of eyes and ears. Keep out of reach of children. If contact occurs, rinse well with clean water.

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