Despite being aware of all the benefits I was still never a fan of Coconut oil due to the strong smell usually they have, until I was sent coconut oil in a PR by @gonaturalpakistan in the beginning of 2019 and I ended up buying a 450 ml of it by the end of the year. Do ya get the idea how much I was impressed?
This doesn’t make you feel like you’re a coconut tree. It has a very mild and natural smell to it, which was a major plus for me
Washes off very easily. I have developed a habit of applying oil to the length of my hair even if i don’t get time to massage the scalp and it DOES make a difference.
Leaves my hair silky and shiny, like the shiny locks you see in the shampoo commercials
I was expecting to receive a leaking and messy package because boy! This jar is huge! But they packed REALLY NICELY and it reached safely.
10/10 recommend it. Repurchase? I need a lifetime supply of it, k?