I was suffering from severe dryness and flakiness on my face since winters started In khi. Nothing seems to be working on my sahara dessert my usual winter skin care routine was a failure this year! My skin was so dull, patchy and I was so depressed as in what to do!

I ordered these 2 magical oils almost 2 months back

I started using jojoba 1st then I started mixing a few drops of rosehip oil and voila! My skin is super buttery soft its plumped and its staying brightened even know in winters.¬† And guess what I’m not even using any chemical based moisturizer anymore on my face. I use a pump of jojoba after washing my face in morning and mix it up with rosehip at night and its giving me wonderful results!

I genuinely wanted to share my experience with you peeps sO you can share it with others so it can help others¬† (I ain’t no blogger)